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  • The company was founded in 1945 by 4 people, with the aim of producing graphite*, parts and small machine tools. It was first located in the coachhouse of an old fortified house dating from the XIVth century** named "Grand Châtelet" ("Great hall").
    Very quickly the premises became too small, and the company moved in 1955 in a larger covered area of 1500 m² now occupied by an industrial laundry. In order to increase its productivity and to respond to growing demand for increasingly large machinery, in 1979 the company moved into its present location on the outskirts of Grenoble.
    In 1990, the company added to its portfolio the creation of one-off machines for industry specializing in industrial processing of continuous running materials such as Rubber Profiles, Glass or Carbon Fiber Fabrics, Plastic Films, Papers...
    In 2005, a new step was taken in the field of heavy machining field, with the addition of a CNC Vertical Turning Mill of 2700 mm diametre capacity, of a CNC Boring Machine capable of handling items up to 15 t, of a CNC Centre Lathe with 4000 mm centers distance, and a Keyway Centre Grooving machine.

    *Some years later, one of the founders, Louis FAYOLLE, created and developed the VICARB S.A., specialized in graphite and stainless steel heat exchangers.

    **In the beginning, the Châtelet estate was owned by Guy Dauphin 1er, lord of Montauban, who bequeathed it to the Dauphin Humbert 1st in 1300. In the course of the history, it passed from hand to hand: Engerrand d'Eudin in 1390, chamberlain and counselor of the king - St André chapter - Charles de Boville, governor of the Dauphiné province - François de Portes, chairman of the Accounts Chamber - Franquières family, whose last descendant count Mac Carthy divided the estate "Châtelet des Dauphins" into "Grand Châtelet" and "Petit Châtelet" (still visible between Grenoble and Vizille) and finally sold it in 1811 to a factory owner from Valence. The Grand Châtelet gave its name to the avenue which runs beside it, in the south-east suburbs of Grenoble. In 1981-83 thanks to the support of local people it escaped demolition for renovation and development as flats.

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